Design Concept

Batman and Joker are foes on opposite ends of the spectrum in every way: appearance, morality and point of view.
Their storied history has seen much blood-shed, tragedy and chaos; a volatile recipe that’s lead to an everlasting relationship.
Geek X have fused Batman and The Joker together, to show you they are one and the same, to create the Batman/Joker 1:2 half-bust. The half-bust showcases their duality with stitches, keeping Batman and The Joker from separating. Their pain is shared equally, constant and fierce, and yet they cannot survive without each other. On the base, Batman’s Batarang shadows The Joker’s calling card, completing this union of calamity. Standing approximately 40 CMS tall, Joker/Batman 1:2 half-bust is made up of polystone resin and encased a beautiful acrylic case finished off with a unique Bat logo. Choose your side with this splitting image in your collection!

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